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It's All About the Relationship

Services Provided

Play Therapy

Play is the language of young children, providing a window into their fantasies, clues about inner conflicts and capabilities, and a means to practice solutions. It is healing for the child to play in the presence of a nurturing therapist who contains the child’s emotions, provides directive interventions, or interprets the play when necessary. As children get older, they often avoid fantasy play in favor of structured games and become more adept at verbalizing their thoughts.

Adolescent Therapy

I have had many rewarding years providing therapy to teens. My teen clients tend to find me relatable and non-judgmental. They benefit from the opportunity to have their very own time and space to explore feelings and to problem-solve about the individual and relational struggles they face. I also encourage parents to take an active role in this process whenever possible and in a way that fits with the needs of their child.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy addresses communication and relational issues from a systemic viewpoint. Parenting strategies and sibling support are utilized. Family therapy involves all or most of the family, depending on the issues. New issues arise during treatment, at times, when family members feel less reluctant to voice their concerns. Some families only need short-term interventions to resolve a problem, but long-term therapy is an option for those with complicated issues of a more serious nature.

Adult therapy

I work within a collaborative, interpersonal, psychodynamic framework to help you understand the conscious and unconscious patterns throughout your life and how they may impact your current relationships and your relationship with me. Relatively short-term treatment may be appropriate for addressing life transitions and recent stressors. When problems have an early origin and result in pervasive impairment, then longer-term, more intensive therapy may be indicated.